Before history
there were myths.
Before the silence of the trees
there were stories.
Before the time of man
there was magic.
Before memory
there were Keepers.


It has been one year since the attack on Hilos known as the Day of the Brotherhood. The palace has been repaired, insurrection and dissent sown by agents of Altazar has been largely quelled. The Magi of the Valley go about their business, searching out and protecting dangerous knowledge, preparing for the inevitible war with Altazar. Rumors of plots and artifacts abound. The enemy is looking for something.

Many Magi are in the city this evening, joining the citizens as they memorialize the events of a year ago, in an effort to improve relations with the city folk. Barmaids, soldiers, shopkeepers, and magi all gather in solidarity in taverns and halls throughout Hilos, lifting a glass to honor the fallen, drinking as a sign of goodwill towards other survivors.

Suddenly, a large explosion is heard, and a tavern down the street from where you are currently celebrating is rapidly engulfed in flames. The citizens are stunned and fearful. The Magi, responding as they have been trained, immediately run towards the conflagration to search for survivors, and investigate the cause…

Oh man, that conflagration is huge. Like, so big.