Neasa (played by Angie!) is a quiet, subdued young lady, except around people she considers family, in which case her snarky, spunky, energetic side shines through. She was an orphan, found on the streets of Hilos at a young age by Medcalf’s friend Monty, who took her under his eccentric wing. She prefers stealth and subterfuge to direct confrontation, and has many tricks up her sleeves. Usually content to follow the lead of others, she can stubbornly dig in her heels when her morals are at stake. Recently, she has gone undercover in Hilos to find sources of unrest and injustice, perhaps in order to help address her own childhood struggles. She has a connection to the element of water.

Build suggestions: magus, rougue/bard/ranger, possibly taking a prestige class in arcane trickster or master spy.



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