Vaine is a thoughtful and pragmatic man. Among magi, he is less likely than most to interfere in the mortal kingdoms, taking the opinion that mortals have a responsibility to solve their own problems. His noninterventionist opinions are perhaps colored by his origins – Vaine was born centuries ago in a distant kingdom that no longer exists. Unlike most magi, therefore, he has no residual emotional or ancestral ties to any of the kingdoms surrounding the Valley.

Though he has traveled extensively in the past, these days he rarely leaves the Valley. He is reluctant to form meaningful relationships with non-magical folk, as he has seen generations of mortal friends grow old and die around him. Vaine suspects that Medcalf made him an Ambassador to Foreign Countries simply as a ploy to get him out of the Valley now and again and to force him to interact with the mortal kingdoms.

Vaine has little interest in what he refers to as “mundane problems,” or the various schemes, intrigues, betrayals, and revolutions that fill the history books of foreign countries. He sets his sights solely on magical dangers and atrocities, reasoning that these have far more ability to disrupt the peaceful existence of humanity. When a magical (or, worse, demonic) threat arises, he will pursue its undoing with singleminded dedication.

When solving problems, he is more likely to take the opinion that the ends justify the means. Vaine is willing to skirt – or break – the laws of the mortal kingdoms in order to achieve his end, though only for the greater good and never out of cruelty. Vaine is one of the Valley’s preeminent magical scholars, and enjoys discovering what magic can accomplish. Only Medcalf has a deeper understanding of magical theory, though Vaine admits he’s a distant second. Vaine is a Keeper of the Forgotten Secrets, and commands the Earth element.

In combat, Vaine specializes in controlling the flow of battle. His command of the Earth element allows him to shape the battlefield to suit his needs, whether that means building protective barrier in front of a friend or trapping an enemy until it can be dispatched by a more combat-oriented ally. He is also one of the Valley’s preeminent healers, and can heal even serious injuries with ease.


Vaine was born in the kingdom of Amarith, half a world away from Hilos and the surrounding realms. When demonic foes emerged and society began to crumble, Vaine became one of the only men ever to cross the mountain ranges that border his country, relying upon his budding magical powers for survival. Lost and desperate, he crossed into the Western kingdoms, where he was discovered by Klagriph, who trained him in the ways of the magi.

Though the magi would eventually discover and destroy the demonic forces that laid siege to Amarith, it was too late for the country itself. Civilization had collapsed, and a once-noble culture had degenerated into crude bands of warring tribes. No one there recognized him, or acknowledged him as one of their own.

Hundreds of years have passed since the fall of Amarith. Vaine’s only memento of his homeland is the simple, military-issue short sword he wears at his hip.


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