Some of you may not be overly familiar with this setting, so I'll attempt to gives brief overview of important topics.

Magi (plural; "Mage" singular) in this world refers to someone who is more than mortal. These people tend to have vastly extended lifespans, and seem to be inherently connected to magic. This connection manifests in many different ways, according to each individual. In some it enhances physical or mental abilities, grants unique or powerful capabilities, or otherwise makes a person different from average. Frequently (but not always) they have the ability to cast magic spells. Ordinary mortals are able to learn magic, in some cases, though it can take a lifetime. With Magi it is more than this. 

The Keepers are Magi living in the Kingdom ruled by Hilos, who follow the teachings of Wizard Medcalf. Medcalf promotes the philosophy that the mortals have a right to govern themselves, and that Magi should play an advisory role at most. 

The kingdom of Dredon, by comparison, is ruled by Magi exclusively. 

A special sub category of Mage is known as a Wizard (not the class). Wizards are to Magi what Magi are to mortals. Wizards can always cast spells, and will eventually learn the highest secrets of magic. They cannot be killed by any means known to mortals or Magi. Currently there are three known Wizards in the world: Altazar the Dark, Medcalf, and Nycol of the House Mingard, who is still mostly untrained. 


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