The Brotherhood

The Brotherood of Humanity, usually referred to only as "The Brotherhood," is an organization that positions itself in opposition to magi interference in normal (which is to say, nonmagical) human matters. The organization took root in the kingdom of Hilos, where adherents held vocal rallies against what they perceived as magi influence on the government. Complaints were wide ranging (and misinformation was widespread), but particular fury was leveled at the Magi's training of Altazar (who now terrorizes the world) and their training of Princess Nycol, which they view as evidence that the Magi secretly control the government of Hilos from behind the scenes. 

The movement spread quickly, and soon members of the Brotherhood were engaging in a campaign of intimidation and even violence against magi and the people who approved of them. Ultimately, the movement was shown to have been instigated by Altazar, and its leader, Rayna, was exposed. A powerful magi, Rayna managed to escape following a confrontation with Dranook, Vaine, Khurdryn, and Nadia. The four magi, with the help of Klagriph and Nycol, then put a stop to a Brotherhood coup attempt in the royal castle of Hilos. 

Bereft of its top leadership, the Brotherhood faded back into the shadows, but it did not disappear completely. Remnants of the Brotherhood keep the movement alive in the back rooms and darkened cellars of the kingdom.

In honor of people lost in the coup attempt, the king declared a new holiday, the Day of Brotherhood, in which people from all walks of life come together in peace and understanding. 

The Brotherhood

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